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the drunken engineer

Solutions to ELE532 (Signals) Assignments. December 3, 2001
Added a script to save some time for ELE538 (or any M68HC11 related course) November 15, 2001
Added a bunch of old exams, problem sets and quizzes to the ELE538 page. October 13, 2001
Added a M68HC11 simulator to the ELE538 page....this should allow you simulate all your code without having to go into the labs...haven't figured out to get it to run anything yet - if you do, let me know. September 15, 2001
A moment of silence for all those injured or killed in NYC and Washington today...... also, added a link to a license file for Alter Max+Plus II 10.1 to the ELE-548 page.... September 11, 2001
Well, Frosh Week is over.....for all of you who didn't come out - you missed a good time. Check back here for pictures, and don't forget that this month's Golden Ram is basically a Frosh Week edition......
Also put up some minor updates to the site......just little stuff - won't bother to list them.
September 2, 2001
Finished adding all the 1st and 2nd year materials (expect for a few small things).... August 7, 2001
Added CPS125 materials......slowly getting there. In case you're worried, I'm taking a week off before class starts to drink beer and get this site running. August 2, 2001
Fixed up a few minor details......almost ready to starting adding stuff again. July 9, 2001
Fixed up a few little patient for the good stuff.Just got to get my new computer synched with the old one, then everything should start coming up again. (definitely in time for start of classes). July 8, 2001
Re-wrote the disclaimer. A little harsher, but should be sufficient to cover my ass a little better. Any comments? July 8, 2001
Started redesign of the drunken engineer. May 2, 2001