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the drunken engineer

ELE302: Electric Networks

Not too bad of a course - things start to get a bit fun with fourier analysis, etc, but otherwise doable. Stick with Ghorab for this one. Make sure you know this stuff inside out - you're pretty well expected to be able to do everything perfectly in ELE404.

ELE323: Computational Methods

Fairly easy course....full formula sheet for the final - yu just have to have some kind of ability when it comes to being able to apply an algorithm just given a description. Labs aren't really important (got an A and I only did the first four labs).

ELE328: Digital Systems & Processors

By far my favourite course to date.Isn't really that hard, if you're into digital logic stuff....the final lab is the best - building a 4-bit processor from scratch. It's very possible to learn all the theory work from the old exams we've got here.

MTH312: Differential & Vector Calculus

Most of the differentials stuff you'll learn about 2 weeks before in ELE302. The second half of the course, vector calc, is a pain in the ass. I didn't understand any of it until ELE401 - but I still passed the course.

ECN801: Engineering Economics

The course title says economics - it's more like accounting/finance shit. I learned the second half of the course in about 2 hours (about half that was while I was writing the final exam) - just another waste of time - like an elective.

ELE404: Electronic Circuits

Very interesting - combining PCS224 and ELE302 - you learn alot in this course. Go to Kazam's lectures.

ELE401: Field Theory

Break out the KY - and get ready to be fucked up the ass by this one. It sucks. Lots and lots of work to be done, and way too much shit to remember. Just try to pass.

ELE428: Engineering Algorithms & Data Structures

Not really that hard - you will have difficulties if you did not understand the last couple of weeks in CPS125 (pointer, linked lists, structures, etc). Another "if you can do the labs, you'll ace the course".

MEC511: Fluid & Thermo Dynamics

Interesting course. Kinda hard to get into it with Fields Theory and Electronics happening at the same time. Profs are pretty good, lab instructors are great.....