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the drunken engineer

CPS125: Digital Computation and Programming

If you've ever written code before, this class is a joke. If you haven't, this is going to be hard. I know I've got alot of labs here, but it comes down to this: if you can write the labs and understand what you are doing you'll do well. Otherwise, stick to the electrical option.

ELE202: Electric Circuit Analysis

This is your first introduction to a real electrical course. Can be a bit of a pain in the ass....took me a while to get my head into circuit analysis. Just watch the black box test at the end......taught by: Ghorab (get in his section), Prabu, and Mikhael (stay away).

PCS125: Physics I

Basically a bunch of high-school physics shit made a little harder. Nothing to worry about if you did well in highschool. Get into Weland's section. Best Prof I ever had.....

PCS211: Physics II

Just like everyone else, you're going to sit through this class wondering, "Why the fuck do I have to learn this shit? I'm in electrical!". Just do it.....If you're in mech/something else, you'd better like this stuff. You'll be doing it till you're dead. If you can handle moments, torques, and drawing free-body diagrams, you just passed. Try to work your way into Philipe's section.....gotta be the only attractive female proffessor at Ryerson.

PCS224: Solid State Physics

Very easy course - can be learned in a few hours. The only thing you need to know when you're finished is that a diode conducts with Vd > ~0.7V, and a transistor is conducting at about the same level.......Weland teaches this as well.....

MTH140: Calculus I

High school Calculus. 'Nuff said.

MTH141: Linear Algebra said "bra"....useless course. All the profs suck. Just pass the course, and make sure you can use Kramer's rule and you can find a determinant or solve a 3x3 matrix.

MTH240: Calculus II

Integrals till you puke.....not really that hard, but just lots of shit that you'll never use again.

CHY102: General Chemistry

High school chemistry all over again, with a few added twists. Went twice, drunk. Midterm & final all multiple choice.