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the drunken engineer

This site is to be used for educational purposes only. In no way may any materials from the drunken engineer be submitted as one's own work. By viewing or downloading any of the labs, abstracts, assignments, etc the viewer acknowledges the above stated terms of use.

In the case of a user submitting materials to the drunken engineer, those materials become the property of the management of the drunken engineer, and the submitter waives all rights to ownership.

Some of the material on this site may be of a somewhat contreversial nature; in no way will the drunken engineer be held responsible for any misuse of the items archived on the site.

(damn I should have been a lawyer)

Figured this would be a half-decent place to put some credits in.

Thanks to (in no particular order): Ace, Adam, Chris, Oscar, Steve, The Duke, Robbie T, Robbie D, Mike, the Croatian Sensation, Dru, Dave, Raph, Toby over at Water & Power (for getting this whole thing started up), April (mental support) and anyone else who has in some way contributed to the cause.