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the drunken engineer

Yes its been ages since I've updated. I got side tracked and forgot about this little project. I've reformatted my computer, lost lots of data, got some nice emails, 2 to be exact. Thanks to Omer for sending me the chapter 9 solutions for vector calc. I have no idea how useful they will be. And someone else says that the download for ELE532 is fucked. I'll have to get rid of that. I don't have any of the original material, so if you have something for ELE532 send it in. And in general if you guys have stuff send it to me. PDF format is probably best. Wierd when it comes to nearly exam time I have lots more time. Anyways I'll see what I can scrounge up and make some updates over the next little while.

November 19, 2005
Been kinda busy with school and such. But I've got some tutorials for ELE401 to go up, some notes for MTH141 and MTH240 stuff to post. Im looking for fourth year material to post. So if you got some send it to me. Any submissions for course materials will be good. Oh and courses that have changed and such let me know so I can fix the site. Hopefully more this weekend.

September 22, 2005

MMM Frosh Week

Ok Im back. Frosh week good. Missed some stuff cause I wasnt a frosh leader. Just kinda kicked it and used the plunger on my bathroom sink. Not drinking until my birthday. Anyways. Im getting back to doing this. So for now there wont be updates until I do stuff. So if you got something you wanna submit, email me at Anyways I need to eat and I'll get some shit done on here later.

September 4, 2005


While Sleazy has been racing around doing dickshit, the site has sat here, with the update below waiting for an answer. And I finally did it, seeing that there is a lot of great shit up here and more needs to be added. However with limited space more DRUNKEN ENGINEER sites will be accessed through here. They'll be storage for other shit and with a directory (look it up in a dictionary dipshit) so you can look through to see all the goodies we have to offer. Anyways I've started another one at here but its useless as I've got control over this one finally. God damn you Sleazy for messing up the logon! Anyways more later this weekend.

June 9, 2005


Now that I have your attention....This FUCKING MESSAGE HAS BEEN HERE SINCE 2002. That is scary. Anyways, I'm back from the dead, and long done Ryerson. I'm trying to get an ad for someone to take over this site into the Golden Ram, but here is as good a place as any. Contact me at if you're interested. Seriously, no dumbasses need apply. Only requirement - you need to be able to code piss drunk, and be willing to put some time into this site, for nothing. Shit, I'll buy you a beer just for taking this on and doing a good job. I had one kid once try to take over and he just fucked it all up, so I changed the password on his pathetic excuse for an engineering ass and haven't touched it since. I've got alot of files kicking around (over a gig worth of shit from EE) that can be added here. Just track me down. Sleazy Dave (hammered and bored)
November 25, 2004
As I'm sure many of you have noticed, there haven't been very many updates as of late. That's mostly because of a lack of time and also a dwindling interest on my part. So, if you think you want to take over the maintenance of this site, let me know. We'll work out an arrangement to pass things over. I'll still want a little bit of control for the first little while (and when I can, I'll add important 3rd and 4th year materials), but otherwise you would be on your own. There is no cost involved in any of this. You won't have to worry about a big mess to deal with either. I spent some time this summer re-writing the whole site from scratch (by hand, in emacs), so the html is readable and simple. Send me an email ( if you might be interested. January 11, 2002
Solutions to ELE532 (Signals) Assignments. December 3, 2001
Added a script to save some time for ELE538 (or any M68HC11 related course) November 15, 2001
Added a bunch of old exams, problem sets and quizzes to the ELE538 page. October 13, 2001
Added a M68HC11 simulator to the ELE538 page....this should allow you simulate all your code without having to go into the labs...haven't figured out to get it to run anything yet - if you do, let me know. September 15, 2001
A moment of silence for all those injured or killed in NYC and Washington today...... also, added a link to a license file for Alter Max+Plus II 10.1 to the ELE-548 page.... September 11, 2001

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