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the drunken engineer

Alright, here's a brief summary on what I've learned about how to drink and study at the same time.

First, when the shit gets really hard, don't fuck around and get completely trashed at a bar with your friends. That will really set you back - nothing beats trying to recover from a hangover for days, or even broken ribs :-) . In first year, I was drunk almost continuously. I ended up going to 12 out of 13 calculus tutorials completely trashed, and the time we showed up to a Chem tutorial barely walking is still talked about. Got to the poimt where I was spending about $75 to get loaded.....But first year is a joke.

The next part comes from sociology - never taken it, but heard enough people bitch and wine about the crap in that course. Basically, it all comes down to conditioned learning. If you're drunk every time you study for a particular subject, chances are you'll probably do just as well, if not better, when you are in the same state writing a test. Sample: before my 2nd year ELE323 (numerical analysis) exam, I drank a sixer every night for the 3 days it took to learn all of the course material. Figured I'd better be in the same condition before the final, so went and had a few beers. Left early cause it felt like my bladder was going to explode (though I was done). Ended up with a A.

But don't forget that numerical is an easy course. Something like fields - no way in hell I would ever touch booze before that shit. For those of you who don't have to take field theory, imagine a course like this: You are given and bicycle tire, seat, brake calipers, and a chain. You've never seen a bicycle before. Now build one and learn how to ride it an a week. Don't forget that last year they had 2 weeks to do everything. And the profs wonder why the class average for the first test was 16%.....

Having a high alcohol tolerance also helps. This takes lots and lots of practice, so work hard, and one day you'll be as good as me! If you get tanked after a few beers, don't even think about trying this. And tailor your drinking about to the courses you have to work on....for example, writing papers for an elective. This requires a certain amount of creativity that alot of engineering students have trouble finding - nothing a few beers can't fix.

So, drink for the courses that are easy or you don't really care about. It makes your life alot more enjoyable, and you'd be surprised at how creative you can get making up answers for exams.....